San Juan Island Fall

Scarcely a month left in what has been a more than typically beautiful autumn in the San Juans, the Farmers Market is limbering up for the snug months in the offing, rusty orange and red leaves are piled in their soft redoubts, and Northwesterners are already looking forward to a lusty ski season in the majestic Cascades.

Islanders, of course, are only a scenic ferry ride and short drive to some of the most thrilling slopes in the Hemisphere, but the first pure white snows also give us a special treat–the unforgettable sight of Mt. Baker in its great eastern rise over Puget Sound. The San Juans command views of that craggy wonder like no other in any direction, another prize of our blessed locale.

Ahead is the usual holiday season, unique here as always. The lights from the Friday Harbor landing on up Spring Street lead to the Island’s typical Thanksgiving and Christmas hospitality, a setting where the people and the art are worthy of nature’s gifts, and the virgin snow of Mt. Baker shimmers in the distance to frame our archipelago of grace and graciousness. If there is a more charming, welcoming place to live or visit, to have a first home or second, Islanders are always sure in November that it is yet to be discovered.

Chita Miller
Photo Courtesy of: Chris Teren