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Fall has arrived with rain clouds and the first stormy winds, leaves are starting to turn yellow and brown. The eagles will return from their salmon hunts as the days get shorter. Magnificent cloud creatures cross the blue skies, blown by the winds. The air is starting to feel fresh and cool. The grass turns green once again. And when the leaves will peak in color the sun’s angle will turn everything into a golden brown glow. It’s magical!

Shorter days also mean that our Annual Film Festival is just around the corner. In previous years it used to take place the first weekend of November, this year it will be the last weekend in October. This inspiring documentary film festival starts off with a dressy Opening Night Gala on Friday and closes with the Awards Night on Sunday. The audience selects films as their favorites throughout the Festival in categories such as Tales of the Heart, Things to Consider, and Explorers and Adventurers.

This year’s Andrew V. McLaglen Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to Captain Paul Watson, marine conservation and environmental activist, and the Local Hero Award goes to Alex Shapiro, a local composer and photographer. Friday’s Opening Gala will introduce all the filmmakers and Sunday’s Filmmakers Forum will give everyone an opportunity to learn about the art of film-making.

Be prepared to be wooed with award-winning documentaries and blockbusters covering everything from sailing adventures, organic farming, the importance of healthy rivers, heartwarming tales of survivors , horses and trees. One thing is for sure, there is something for everyone!

For more information on the program and descriptions of all the movies being shown from October 26 through 28, please go to the Film Festivals website at


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