Point Roberts Washington

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Point Roberts, Washington, is the most appealing resort community in the Vancouver, BC area — and probably its best kept secret!

It captures the spirit of an earlier time, one of friendliness, open spaces, fresh air and good old-fashioned fun .Just five square miles in size, a peninsula that is attached to the Canadian mainland at the top of the Georgia Strait with spectacular views of the San Juan and Gulf Islands. I consider it its own little Island which you can go to by car. You can also sail into beautiful Point Roberts marina. From the U.S. border, it takes 35 minutes, and only 30 minutes to Vancouver, BC. You do go through the Canadian Border and through the U.S. Border to arrive in Point Roberts. If you like boating, biking, hiking and swimming, you need to visit Point Roberts, one of the most unique places of the U. S.
Point Roberts Map

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