Things to Do Week of April 8 to April 14

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A Great Island to visit! What’s up from April 8th to April 14th

You have good taste or are good at internet research if you have chosen San Juan Island as a travel destination. voters have placed us as the number one island to visit in the entire USA. That includes the Hawaiian Island, too. As to the ratings of top islands in the entire world, we come in forth, which is not bad, either. If you are here this weekend below are some things you might check out. This list is compiled from my personal favorites on San Juan, not scheduled events.

The Alpaca Farm called Crystal Acres off of West Valley Road. You can pull your car over to the driveway which goes down to the barn as there is plenty of parking. Outside, you can visit the friendly Alpacas and inside you can see wonderful yarn and garments and toys which are made from their lofty fleece. Take your camera for some good photo opportunities.

Walk the docks at either the port of Friday Harbor or the marina at Roche Harbor on the north side of the island. You will see some awesome boats at either place. At the port there is a float plane dock as well as a fish market where you might see Popeye, our one-eyed resident seal rear her friendly head above the water. At Roche Harbor you may hear the little church pump out the organ music or see the local boys raise and lower the flags. In the distance you will see Pearl Island from many viewpoints on the hill above the Harbor.

If it is rainy weather you might go to the interesting whale museum which focuses on our local Orcas. They won’t be in the waters here until around May first, but you can come back and visit them then when you know what to look for. There are plenty of galleries for a rainy day, also. Many feature local items from the many creative people that enjoy living here. If you are a knitter or quilter or craftsperson you might especially enjoy the gallery on Spring Street which is a converted hardware store. It is painted blue and is run by the artists who sell their work within. Since the days of the Hudson Bay, sheep have been a rewarding island livestock and still today women enjoy spinning their wool and fashioning it into knit and woven items and felt. It doesn’t get much more local than that!

San Juan Island is as unique and different as the other ferry served islands in the San Juans. Do not feel that if you have seen one you have seen all as the islands are full of secrets and surprises. The inter-island ferry will take you to visit the other islands without the long wait lines of the ferries that travel to the mainland, so take the opportunity for an afternoon visit before you return to San Juan for the evening meal on the number one island in the United States.

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