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The great annual San Juan Islands July 4th extravaganza is over, and now we welcome everyone to the ever-mellow second half of our incomparable summer.

From now until Labor Day, the joys of the season will be in full swing. Whale watching, boating from schooners to kayaks, mountain hiking, scenic biking, beach walks and quiet talks–it’s all part of the magic that each year brings thousands of visitors and makes every resident proud and joyful to call this home.

But of all the natural wonders of the Islands, none is more memorable than the sheer poise and ease of San Juans hospitality. “I can’t believe how nice people are,” says a typical visitor. And the residents agree. We are a precious place, blessed by beauties of land and people, a memory and future to cherish.

For things to do check out the San Juan Calendar:

Chita Miller

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