Parking Perils and Perks in Friday Harbor

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Parking can be challenging but certainly not impossible in downtown Friday Harbor. We don’t have parking meters but we do have strictly enforced parking times. Our parking enforcement officer Matt is quite nice and he is very careful about doing his job. He’s on the go throughout town with his chalk marker and ticket book. Watch for the chalk mark on the front passenger side tire of your car and if you see Matt around town give him a wave.
A majority of the parking is two hours with limited places that allow four hour and a few that allow 8 hour parking. Here is a map that shows the parking times around town.
According to our Town of Friday Harbor Permit Technician Carol Holman there is a Special Parking Permit Application available to those that require additional time for parking, such as contractors/service providers working on projects at a local business. The fee is $5/space/day and the permit should be obtained prior to starting work. Additionally, the contractor/service provider should also have an active and current Town of Friday Harbor Business License.

According to Matt our Parking Enforcement Officer, orange parking cones may be used by delivery trucks during the early morning hours.

If you have had an injury or surgery you can contact the Washington DOL about Temporary Disabled Parking placards.

If you do get a ticket, it’s easy to pay for it and get it taken care of. Printed right on the ticket is information of where and how to pay and also what to do if you want to contest a ticket. If you get ticketed and think you might want to contest it make sure to take some photos or your vehicle at the time and from several perspectives.

FYI if you see you have a parking ticket and think to yourself ‘oh well might as well leave my car I already have a ticket’ – DON’T!! You can get a second ticket if you stay over the next two hour mark. So better move your car. On the plus side since it is mostly short term parking sometimes a trip or two around the block will land you a spot just where you want.

Friday Harbor has a new free public parking area on the right side of Spring Street across from Wells Fargo Bank and next to Carquest. Parking is for 10 hours and no parking is allowed between 1am and 4am.

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