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“Evergreen State” is Washington State’s apt nickname. If you have been to the Pacific Northwest you know that it refers

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Wild Encounters

Living in the San Juan Islands means that sooner or later you will come in contact with our local wildlife.

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Home Trends

Home Trends 2022

Every year preferences of home owners change. One year it is all about open concept living, while the next year

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Sparkly Seas

Did you know that the San Juan Islands are a great place to experience the wonders of bioluminescence? “Bio what?”

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Let’s go to the Beach

With our recent record-breaking heatwave here in the Pacific Northwest and summer being in full swing, we thought it fitting

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Home Maintenance

Spring Cleanup

The days are getting longer and the birds are busy practicing their love songs. The frogs are serenading us through

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Real Estate Tips

Seller Home Staging 101

What is home staging? Home staging is the process of adding, removing and rearranging furniture and decor, hence dressing up

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