Are you ready for winter?

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Despite the beautiful weather, cold winter weather is just around the corner. Take time now and avoid costly problems later.

Winterize your home to help keep your fuel costs down. Insulation, caulking windows, adding outlet gaskets, weather stripping doors and windows, and installing storm windows all help in the long run. Make sure your rain gutters are clean, repair roof leaks and trim branches that are close or overhang your home. Clean your furnace filters and make sure your chimneys are clean as well. These two items make your heating system operate at maximum efficiency. Close off rooms that are not used to save on lost heat. Make sure outside hoses are disconnected and that water pipes are insulated. If your pipes need insulation it is an easy remedy to go to your local hardware store and buy inexpensive pipe insulation and tape on to pipes, you only have to do this once. Find out where the water main is in case you do suffer a broken pipe. Prepare an emergency kit with flashlights and batteries. Have plenty of candles or oil lamps on hand, battery operated radio, plenty of foodstuffs in the pantry like canned soup, meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals, and water. Make sure you also have back up water if your property is served by a well. It is also advised to have a small camping stove or propane stone with a backup of fuel supply. Don’t forget you pets…have extra food for them as well.

Make sure your car is ready for winter. Check your tires, keep chains in the trunk if you’re in an area that gets snow, and add winter washer fluid to your car. Keep winter tools handy like snow shovels, chain saw and stock up on rock salt.

Once these items are taken care of relax and enjoy the season. Winter is a great time to enjoy the holidays, rest and recharge yourself, catch up on reading and enjoy the quiet.

Stay warm!

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