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Say What?

The Salish Sea, pronounced say-leesh, is the location of the San Juan Islands. The Salish Sea, according to Wikipedia, includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound, and all their connecting channels and adjoining waters, …

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Point Roberts Washington

Point Roberts, Washington, is the most appealing resort community in the Vancouver, BC area — and probably its best kept secret!

It captures the spirit of an earlier time, one of friendliness, open spaces, fresh air and good old-fashioned fun …

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Planning a Labor Day Party

Labor Day weekend is the last big holiday of the summer and is a popular weekend for cookouts, weekend getaways and pool parties. To celebrate these last few days of summer, start planning a Labor Day party for your friends, …

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The San Juan County Fair

A once a year event, the San Juan County Fair brings back many nostalgic memories for islanders. The fairground is in Friday Harbor on Argyle, within a reasonable walk from the ferries. It starts with volunteer groups of parents and …

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Surprises on San Juan Island

This is the beginning of a series of blogs telling you more about things that you may not know about San Juan Island. This week’s topic is the first Sheep to Shawl that was held in our county. This event …

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Happy Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day this year I am posting ten reasons why I love San Juan Island, based on living here since 1977. OK, then, here are ten reasons in no particular order.
1. Dogs are appreciated: This is so true. …

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Prices Rose 7.1% Year-Over-Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

JT Blog
Some Highlights:
• CoreLogic’s latest Home Price Index shows that prices rose by 7.1% across the United States year-over-year.
• With mortgage interest rates rising in the short term, CoreLogic believes price appreciation will slow to 4.7% by this time …

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Vegetables and Fruit from Island Gardens

Locals love to grown their own fruit and vegetables and this year harvest is early due to the unseasonably warm weather we had this summer. There are several old standbys and some new edibles that people are growing in their …

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