It’s not as rainy as the rumors lead you to believe!

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For many people when they hear the mention of any place in the Pacific Northwest the first image that pops into their head is…rain, and lots of it! If you believe all you hear you would think that the PNW consists of only two things: rain and coffee. While our coffee availability is quite impressive (in my opinion) and is the truthful tale being spun, the story of the rain is simply not accurate. Not where I live anyway.
The San Juan Islands, tucked into the very NW corner of Washington State (there are parts of Canada that are farther south than some parts of the island) have a very different weather pattern than the city of Seattle. The San Juan Islands enjoy an average of 247 days with sunshine and about half the rainfall of Seattle, thanks to the “rain shadow” effect of the Olympic Mountains to the south and west.
The message being sent lately is beginning to tell the truth and people are starting to take notice. For example, when the New York Times introduced its 2011 recommended destinations list (published January 7) with the words “From the beaches of Mexico to the wilds of Kurdistan, the places on this year’s list take you to the end of the world and back.” The San Juan Islands of Washington State are listed in the #2 position on this world list! Yes, IN THE WORLD! To read the entire article go to: or use the shortened link of
My only question is, when are you arriving?

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