Missing the Island

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Sure, Islanders do go on vacations occasionally.
I am on one now.
And here are the things I miss about San Juan Island when I am gone:

The smell the sea
The storekeepers that know me by name
The visitors and their silly questions
The Orcas feeding off the west side
The grocery store where I know how to find everything
The sound of the teenagers when they walk downtown at lunchtime
The pet store where they know my dog
My favorite take-out dishes at the restaurants
Happy dogs greeting each other at the off leash dog park
The helpful advice at the store where they sell plants
The thoughtful letters to the editor
Lambs and foals and calves in the fields
The smell of fresh-cut hay
Sailboats racing around Shaw Island
The old-time potluck for a good cause
Good daily on-line newspapers for local news
Knowing personally most of the people that run for office
Getting on a ferry to visit a neighboring island
Almost always being able to find a parking place
My Broker’s funny sense of humor
Edith Dickenson’s flower and vegetable garden
Walking down the sidewalk on Spring Street
Fog in the fall
Sunny summers that melt into fall
Cool evenings with gentle breezes
Organic food from local farmers
Imaginative people with good ideas

It will be nice to get home again…but isn’t that always what leaving is about?

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