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Of the many joys savored in the San Juan Islands none is more a delight than our abundance of luscious seafood. And of all that, from our famous salmon and halibut to the majestic Dungeness Crab, one of the smallest of the kingdom is one of the most precious–the incomparable Puget Sound Spot Prawn.

Residents and guests love them broiled, boiled, fondued or sizzled on a bed of rock salt, as a rousing family feast or fine gourmet dining.

But what some lovers may not know is that the Spot Prawn are by no means limited to commercial fishing or the grocery fish market. Islanders and near neighbors on the Mainland enjoy recreational shrimping every Spring and Summer in boats large and small. All you need is a Washington State Shrimping License, available at King’s Marine in Friday Harbor or the Roche Harbor Store, and a shrimp trap, line and buoy available at marine supply shops throughout the Islands, where friendly clerks can also give you tips on everything from helpful gear to favorite waters.

There is truly nothing quite like it–the beauty of the Sound, the thrill of a trap full of treasures, coming back to cook your own bounty of the freshest delicacy this side of Shanghai. Another reason to make the San Juans your home without compare.

Chita Miller

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