Take a Hike! Part 3…

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Roche Harbor Mausoleum

Most people who come to San Juan Island are aware of Roche Harbor Resort, and possibly a tiny bit of it’s history. What many people do now know of, or have never taken the time to visit, is the mausoleum.

This is not so much of a hike as it is a destination. A worthwhile destination! The walk itself is in total one mile (by my estimation) one way. If you start at the resort the front desk of the Hotel de Haro has a great pamphlet that outlines many interesting things about the history and symbolism that exists at the mausoleum site ~ it will make the trip that much more interesting…and might I suggest a delicious doughnut from the cafe? Or an ice cream cone on those sunny summer afternoons? Once on your way, enjoy the beautiful gardens that lead you to walk along the road/path that take you in front of the only privately owned church in our state, past the expansive lawn and swimming pool and past the original houses that you can now rent. You will follow the fence line towards, and ultimately past, the airport to the trail that is clearly marked. Once on the trail you are treated to a lovely half mile walk through the forest. The trail will then take you through a wooded graveyard in which several graves are surrounded by wrought iron or picket fences. It’s an easy trail to follow with plenty of signs pointing the way to the mausoleum.

You will then pass through a stone and iron gate that marks your arrival. Reference your pamphlet and you will wonder at the forethought that Mr. McMillin had.

This is a very simple, educational journey.



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