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Are you thinking of selling your home in today’s real estate market? It is more important than ever to pick the Realtor that is right for you in this depressed market. Here are some ideas about how to approach finding the right Realtor. It’s one of the biggest decisions in your life, and it deserves some thoughtful consideration.

First, know that most Buyers nowadays go to the internet to search out their properties, not the local classifieds. Start by typing in the name of your town, the state, and the words real estate or houses for sale. You can also go to a real estate site like or and check out the listings in your area. You will want to use a Realtor who shows up on these web pages with listings. Should you pick the Realtor with the most listings? That depends upon how much individual attention you want. Select a few names, at least three, then add any names that may have been recommendations from friends.

The next step is to meet with each of these three Realtors. Tell them each you are meeting with three Realtors; let’s be fair. Have you ever had an acquaintance that tells you something that you do not comprehend? People have different ways of communicating and the only way to find out if you “click” with a Realtor’s communication style is to sit down and talk to them face to face. Ask some questions and see if their answers seem clear to you rather than jibberish. See if they are actively listening to what you say. Look at their desk and their office and see if it presents the image you like.

When you visit a Realtor, the expectation will be that you are asking for a comparative market analysis (CMA) to set a price for your property. This is a service offered for free by most Realtors who want to get a listing. It is appropriate at the face to face meeting to share information about your property with the three Realtors you choose, but do not tell them the price you want for your property yet. You do not know which one you will pick and regardless of the choice, you will want independent input from all three. Ask them to email you their CMA’s and emphasize that you want to set a realistic price in today’s market. You will probably be asked to show them the house or lot first.

You will likely have a favorite Realtor in mind when you complete this process, even before you see the CMA’s. You have in the process had the opportunity to deal with the office receptionist, the phone messaging system, and the length of time and work involved on your behalf from each of the agents. You have been able to see if they are on time for an appointment. You know how long it takes them to return a phone call. Even if your favorite choice had a price you didn’t like, you can now discuss in detail why you think the price should be different with a person who will listen and respond to your needs. You will be signing a listing agreement with your favorite but the day that you do that, you should call the other two Realtors and thank them and tell them your price. They still have an opportunity to sell your property, and it is a nice thank-you for them to be the first to know it is listed so they can contact their buyers.

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