Expectations of Visitors to San Juan

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If you obey these expectations, you will be looked upon as a welcome visitor rather than a confused tourist!
• Do not leave your car alarm on when you board the ferry!
• Do not act as if you are in a hurry, even if you are.
• Do not walk off the ferry and walk up the middle of the road as if it were not a street for cars also.
• Do not come to San Juan dressed in a suit unless you are an attorney or going to a wedding or a funeral.
• Do not apologize for being from California, many islanders come from California.
• There’s elbow room here! Do not tailgate people on the road or with your grocery cart.
• Keep your boats a great distance away from any Orca you are lucky enough to see. Use the telephoto lens on your camera or your binoculars to get close to them without disturbing them, or view them from the shore.
• Leave your jet skis at home! They are not legal to use in this county.
• Open the door for the next person as you leave the store, it’s what we do.
• It is considered impolite to pass by an island dog without saying hello.
• Watch where you stop you bike, but do pull your bike or moped off the road occasionally to let people in cars pass.
• Sit on a bench in town and watch small town life go by, it’s relaxing and humorous.

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