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Boating and Camping in the San Juans

Late August in the islands is a time when tourism slows down and everybody takes in a deep breath of the clean island air. Parking spots are easier to find and lines are shorter at the grocery store. For islanders, …

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A trip down Argyle on San Juan Island

Argyle Avenue, which comes off of Spring Street and veers toward the southern end of the island, gets its name from the old town of Argyle, long gone. A rip-roaring place as legend has it; the “old town” was on …

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Happy Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day this year I am posting ten reasons why I love San Juan Island, based on living here since 1977. OK, then, here are ten reasons in no particular order.

1. Dogs are appreciated: This is so true. …

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Indian Summer in the San Juans

Many Islanders will tell you that the end of Summer or the beginning of Fall is their favorite season. They use the word Indian Summer to describe the cool mornings, often with the low toot of fog horns from the …

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What Was the Pig War All About?

This Saturday, June 8th, there are events at both American Camp and English Camp on San Juan Island. At American Camp National Historic Park there will be a Pig War Story Guided Walk with the Park Rangers, explaining events leading …

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Autumn is here!

Saturday marked the official beginning of autumn and you can already feel the island slowing down. This is a great time of year to come check out the foliage turning color and really get a feeling of island time. Most …

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Easter Mole

Sunday marked a very special day for millions of people around the world; the celebration of Chocolate and Pork. 

Giving up on religion in fourth grade after studying the children’s crusades, I have come to enjoy the High Holiday’s from …

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Sitting at my desk on Sunday I got an email from a friend in Sonoma that was busy building a proper Cassoulet. Looking out the window watching the blue sky unload a snow flurry, this seemed like a really good …

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Traffic and Parking in Friday Harbor

You will see when you pull off of the ferry that Friday Harbor is a ‘main street” town without any parking lights, overpasses, or four lane highways. When traffic gets busy and the ferry needs to unload in the summertime, …

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