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Home Trust Helps Local Economy

It is a pretty neat thing to see houses being delivered via barge to the islands! Here is more about the recycled homes coming from Canada…

San Juan Island Home Trust shares this press release…

Home Trust infuses $1.26 million …

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Cold Weather Art Touring

There is nothing more beautiful than a clear sunny winter day on San Juan Island. The views go on forever and are always more defined when the leaves are off of the deciduous trees whose limbs gently frame them. Mount …

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The “Outer Islands”

Islanders who live on one of the ferry served islands (San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw) will refer to the “outer islands” as islands in the San Juans that have no ferry service. Of course The San Juan Islands consist …

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Farming and Local Food in the Islands

People think of Friday Harbor as a fishing village, but it was actually a farming island back in the day as well. In fact, it was the cherry capital of Washington State as an old banner in the courthouse states. …

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Autumn in the San Juan Islands

Autumn, for many of us, is the most special season in the San Juan Islands.

But it’s not only the incomparable light and shadow of the slanting September sun. Not only the delicious edge of a fall morning or the …

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What you may not know about Shaw Island

Shaw Island is a community of only 241 residents, but has an active community life. For instance:

  • There are two Book Clubs that meet monthly
  • A Literature Class is held each quarter
  • The Library is open three days each week
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Arts are Alive in the Islands

Even the casual observer will notice that there are many art galleries in Friday Harbor, and we now have the Island Museum of art, a building that invited controversy by its very architecture. The island museum of art is on …

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Spot Prawn

Of the many joys savored in the San Juan Islands none is more a delight than our abundance of luscious seafood. And of all that, from our famous salmon and halibut to the majestic Dungeness Crab, one of the smallest …

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