Life in Friday Harbor

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It was just another Monday, but it was a good small town day today.

Another agent’s Seller came into the real estate office and saw me and called me by name. We chatted about nothing important.

A young man that owned a BIG truck parked next to my car looked out a window to see me outside, loading up my French Bulldog on the passenger side of my car.  He came outside to offer to move his vehicle so I wouldn’t have to struggle to open my driver’s side door.  It was my fault; I’d parked too close to the line.

A gentleman that I did not know opened the door to the grocery store for me, although his arms were full of sacks and mine were empty.

The woman in line to buy groceries said, as she paid the clerk, “Easy come, easy go, I guess” and, although I didn’t know her, I said that I could understand the “easy go” part but what was that about “easy come?”  She laughed and suggested that it should be changed to “Hard come, easy go.”

Then, at the video store a friendly clerk helped me by recommending her favorite western movie. She got up from behind the desk and went over and found it on the shelf for me. As it turned out, my husband’s basketball team in Seattle had beaten her high school team in an important game and she remembered that well, although it had happened forty nine years ago.  I took the movie home and my husband and I watched it with great enjoyment.

It occurred to me that you do not have to be an astronaut to see that in many ways it is a small world with connections like spiderwebs between people and places all over the island, the state, the country, the world.

It was just another Monday in my hometown and I think there is no better place on earth for me to have chosen to live my life.

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