Shaw Island – Secret and Surprising

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Part 2

A Realtor’s Dilemma

Who lives on Shaw Island?  Some very private people who wish to maintain their privacy.  Who buys property on Shaw Island?  Usually people with friends or family  on Shaw Island.  Where do they go if they want to market their property?  Obviously, since they do not have  a real estate office on Shaw they go to a Realtor from another island.  And that would be me.

How do you find Buyers for Shaw Island? The answer must be:  very discretely.  There is a kiosk across from the one general store on Shaw where islanders can leave messages.  A standard piece of paper with a colorful ad would be totally unacceptable as a posting there.  Perhaps just a small Realtor business card?

There is a tasteful Sotheby’s For Sale sign, which could be used:  “Oh, no,”  say the Sellers.  I drive around Shaw.  Clearly there are no signs.  The road signs look hand made, they are uniform only in their aged natural wood color and uniform tasteful size.  I come to “The Intersection” on Shaw, where the schoolhouse, historical society, and library are located.  The weathered old boat there speaks to my heart.  I snap a photo quickly, certain that an island that chooses to have no tourist facilities would find my behavior amusing.

My listing on Shaw, how will I advertise it?  I write to the website for Shaw Islanders to share information.  Would  they mind if I submitted not an ad, but merely a simple description and price of the house for sale on Shaw?  They vote, then politely tell me that I will not be able to use their website. (Thanks for asking.  Good luck on selling that lovely home.)  They are very kind.  But I hear the whispered message loud and clear:  “Shhhhhh, it’s Shaw Island.  We are keeping it our secret.”  How do you find Buyers for Shaw Island?  Very discreetly.

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