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Part 1

With so much attention put on the waters that surround San Juan Island, many visitors (and locals too!) forget to look inward for stunning things to do on the island. There are so many incredibly beautiful places to hike and trails to explore on San Juan Island that you could spend each weekend on a different trail and not repeat your adventure for months.

May I suggest a starting point?  Mt. Young!  This mountain is a continuation of a trail that starts at British Camp on the northwestern side of San Juan Island not far from Roche Harbor. It’s a 10 minute gentle hike that all ages can take pleasure in.  I have enjoyed it with 5 year olds as well as 65 year olds. I have done the hike in tennis shoes as well as flip-flops.  The prize for your hiking efforts are panoramic views from Olympic Peninsula, Canadian Gulf Islands, Henry Island, Pearl Island, Spieden Island and Garrison Bay.

One word sums it up:  AMAZING!

This is one hike that I wouldn’t miss if I were you!  Stay tuned for other stunning hikes around San Juan Island.

Click here for Mt. Young hiking map.

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